My parents were both really into the outdoors, traveling and photography. From as long as I can remember, there was always a camera strapped to my mom and she had a real knack for capturing nature in all its beauty. There's a difference between simply taking pictures and taking pictures that look amazing in a frame.

My mom would go to local craft shows and showcase her photography and while I never really knew how much she sold, she was having fun capturing those moments and that's all that really mattered to her.

I will never forget January 2019. My mom setup a phone call between myself, my brother and sister with some news. Unfortunately, it was news that no one ever wants to hear. With a tremble in her voice, she told us she was diagnosed with cancer. Four months later, she passed away. The cancer was too fast to control. It took us all by complete shock and it was especially hard on my dad who was never the same.

Another phone call I'll never forget is one from my sister earlier this year (2023). She called and said my dad was unresponsive on their vacation. This time, unlike with my mom, there was no saying goodbye. He passed away via a heart attack from what we believe was a broken heart. What brings me peace is that when my sister unlocked his phone, she saw a picture of my mom on his screen which was the last thing he saw before he passed away in his sleep.


So, one of the things I'd like to do is honor my parents by spreading my mom's amazing photos and love for the outdoors across various forms of merchandise so her spirit can live on across the world.

There are select photos that are marked as hers that I will be donating a percentage of profits to the American Cancer Society in my mom and dad's name.