The entire reason Park Attire started was because I wanted to remember the cool places I've been with my fiancée. The problem was that a lot of those places weren't some huge National Park. They were lesser known gems, but they meant something to us and every time we went on vacation and went somewhere memorable, I'd always search online to find some merch (usually hats) and I'd always end up disappointed.

Storm Castle Peak was the last straw for me. It holds the most special moment with her in that I asked her to marry me on the peak. But alas, no merchandise anywhere.

So I decided to create my own merch and figured there were probably other people out there who would want to remember their special moments.

Not the coolest origin story, but here we are. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you find what you came for (if not, shoot me a message and I can design you something).

Founder | Park Attire